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Dear Colleagues,


It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the XXXIII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions, to be held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from July 25 to August 1, 2023.

ICPEAC 2023 is expected to bring together more than 500 scientists from all over the world whose research is concerned with collisions involving photons, electrons, atoms, ions, molecules, clusters, surfaces, exotic particles, and ultracold matter and with attosecond and strong-field atomic and molecular physics and related areas. An excellent slate of invited speakers has been assembled and we are working hard to make it all happen in a safe and pleasant environment. At this time, we plan for ICPEAC 2023 to be held in person, and we are excited to host the meeting in Canada’s capital, a city with a rich cultural life and many attractions, which will delight you with its welcoming spirit and charm.

Please mark your calendars and plan to be part of ICPEAC 2023 in the Shaw Centre, Ottawa’s award-winning convention centre, beautifully located in the downtown area. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!


Tom Kirchner (Chair of the Local Organizing Committee)

André Staudte (Co-Chair)

François Légaré (Co-Chair)

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