Scientific Program

The scientific program of ICPEAC 2023 will consist of five plenary lectures of 60 minutes length each (including discussion), more than 60 invited progress reports (30 minutes, including discussion), a smaller number of special reports selected from the contributed abstracts (15 minutes, including discussion), and several hundred posters. Plenary talks are of general interest to all participants. Progress reports and special reports will be arranged in two parallel sessions and are intended to provide an in-depth view of the current state of research across the different topics of the ICPEAC community. In addition, the winner of the IUPAP Early Career Scientist Prize (previously Young Scientist Prize) in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics will be invited to present a 30-minute talk (including discussion).

Two public lectures by two high-profile Canadian scientists are part of the program. The first public lecture will be delivered by Canada’s most recent Nobel Laureate in Physics, Professor Donna Strickland from the University of Waterloo, on Wednesday, July 26. The second public lecture will be given by Professor Teresa Scassa from the Centre for Law, Technology and Society of the University of Ottawa on the trending topic of artificial intelligence. This lecture will be given on Thursday evening, July 27. Our public lectures are open to conference participants, accompanying persons, and the general public free of charge.

Continuing a relatively recent ICPEAC tradition that was started in 2013, a set of four tutorial lectures will take place on July 25 at the University of Ottawa (exact location to be determined).  The lectures will provide pedagogical accounts of the most recent advances in the field of photonic, electronic and atomic collisions. While targeting students and young postdocs, all registered ICPEAC delegates are welcome to attend the tutorials free of extra charge.


Final Conference Program


The detailed program and schedule is now available here (19MBytes):


Conference Program


The conference program contains the abstracts of the tutorial, plenary, progress and special report talks. It also contains the list of accepted posters. A printed copy of the Conference Program was distributed to ICPEAC delegates at the registration desk.


Book of Abstracts


The complete book of abstracts can be downloaded here (47MBytes):


Book of Abstracts


The Book of Abstracts is a compilation of all contributions accepted and scheduled for poster presentations at the XXXIII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions, held in Ottawa, Ontario from July 25 to August 1, 2023 (ICPEAC 2023). All abstracts submitted by March 19, 2023 were reviewed by the ICPEAC General Committee. Post-deadline abstracts were reviewed by the Local Organizing Committee of ICPEAC 2023.






The following topics will be covered in the ICPEAC program:

Photon impact – weak fields (synchrotron, FEL)
Photon impact – strong fields (femto/atto physics)
Electron collisions with atoms, molecules and ions
Collisions between ions, atoms and molecules
Anti-matter & other exotic particle collisions
Field-assisted collisions
Ultracold atomic and molecular physics
Collisions with surfaces and condensed matter
Experimental techniques
…and related topics


ICPEAC Business Meeting

All ICPEAC attendees are invited to participate in the ICPEAC business meeting on Tuesday, August 1 at 12:30 pm. The meeting will include the ICPEAC treasurer’s and secretary’s reports, the announcement of new ICPEAC committee members, a presentation on ICPEAC 2025 in Sapporo, and general information on other future ICPEAC meetings.


Executive and General Committee Meeting

The ICPEAC Executive Committee will convene in the early evening of Tuesday, July 25 in Meeting Room 210 in the Shaw Centre. The ICPEAC Executive and General Committees will meet on Thursday, July 27 from 12:30 to 14:00 in the same room (lunch will be served). The current members of the Executive and General Committees are listed at the end of this announcement, and the new members will also be invited to the lunch meeting on Thursday.