ICPEAC has a long history dating back to 1958 when the first meeting was held in New York city. Since then ICPEAC has been held every two years on five continents, and grown to attract as many as 800 participants. The ICPEAC central website can be found here.

The conference brings together the world’s leading scientists who are working in the field of collisions involving photons, electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, clusters, surfaces, and exotic particles. At this meeting scientist will present their latest research on topics such as ultrafast dynamics at the femto- or attosecond scale, ion-induced radiation damage in particular of biomolecules, atomic spectroscopy and molecular physics of antimatter, free electron lasers, particle acceleration generated by high-power lasers, and ultracold collisions.

The program will consist of a public lecture, a few plenary lectures, many progress and special reports, and several poster sessions. Plenary talks are of general interest to all participants. Progress reports and special reports will be arranged in two parallel sessions, and are intended to provide an in-depth view of the current state of research across the different topics of the ICPEAC community. The special reports are selected from the submitted abstracts to showcase the most recent developments. Several hundred posters are expected to be shown in the poster sessions, to be held either during morning or afternoon sessions.